“My job is to build bridges. Between people. Between groups. Between what we have now and what is possible. Between ideas and execution.”
– Sheri Hendricks

“The first thing you’ll notice about Sheri Hendricks is her ability to listen carefully. I don’t know how she does it, but whether she’s in a boardroom or leading a large-group setting; Sheri gathers information, distills it in creative ways and invariably comes up with approaches we hadn’t thought of before.” KJ Anderson, president, KJA&A communications firm

Sheri Hendricks

Sheri pic
Sheri Hendricks has an extensive background in developing organizational change strategy and large-scale change implementation for corporate, non-profit and government clients. Ms. Hendricks specializes in partnering with business leaders and non-profit executive teams to create and guide a comprehensive change strategy. She is particularly skilled and passionate about working with companies and organizations to re-engage their people to create environments in which both individuals and organizations can thrive.  Her areas of expertise include leading systemic organizational change, creating positive workplaces and coaching managers to heightened performance.

Sheri Hendricks’ consulting teams have worked with clients as diverse as Starbucks, Microsoft, FedEx, University of Washington Medical Center, and the State of Washington.
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